About me

Hello, welcome to my portfolio! I am a game programmer currently studying at The Game Assembly in Stockholm, Sweden. Once done with my studies I will have participated in 8 cross-disciplinary game projects.

I've always been a creative and passionate person, who dabbled in music, sports, and competitive games. I even played Overwatch at a semi-professional level! I had a lot of experience playing games but not so much creating them. At TGA I found a new drive and passion to chase, the development of games.

During my time at TGA, I have gained experience in most areas of game programming, from engine/systems and tools to gameplay and AI. I feel that I've progressed quickly as a programmer and gained plenty of experience creating games from start to finish in our game projects. I put heavy emphasis on cross-disciplinary as well as intra-disciplinary communication.

I would describe myself as a goal-oriented person, I love the process, and better yet, love setting new goals to work towards. I am always eager to deliver a polished feature and especially enjoy learning about all the different technical aspects of game development.

Please look through my highlights and contact me through LinkedIn with any questions!

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